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Euro MotoElectrics offers choice of OE quality Filter Brands with comprehensive application coverage and competitive prices

filtersEuro MotoElectrics now also offers Original Equipment brand oil, air and fuel filters for most popular BMW motorcycle applications.

With MAHLE, MANN & HUMMEL, BOSCH the company now offers the professional installer as well as the DIY vehicle owner an OEM filter choice at a competitive aftermarket price point.

MAHLE is the OEM supplier to many European vehicle manufactures, including BMW Motorrad. With the addition of MAHLE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT filters, EME is fulfilling their commitment to provide the widest offering of BMW application original equipment or OE equivalent filter brands in the industry. Together with MANN, BOSCH and their EnDuraLast house brand, Euro MotoElectrics offers the same vehicle manufacture filter quality at competitive aftermarket prices. This allows EME to continue to offer  the “GOOD, BETTER, BEST “ in product and pricing.  Many of the oil filters are also offered at quantity lot discounts to provide shops and clubs to purchase their seasonal needs at additional substantial savings.

EnDuraLast filters offer the same exact fit, form and function as the original equipment filters, but at competitive aftermarket cost.  EnDuraLast Oil and Fuel Filters use the same filtration media as other premium quality filters, so the engine and fuel injection system protection can be assured.

For more info, please refer to EME’s easy-to-use website parts search by BMW part #, application, or description at

Screechy Starter

It is commonly reported that both old and new Valeo starters can emit a ‘ SCREECHING ‘ noise , when the starter is engaged to the flywheel to start the engine. This noise, though annoying , is not due to the starter being damaged or failing, or a problem with the drive improperly engaging the flywheel. Usually the screeching noise is caused by dust or grit in the bushing in the aluminum drive end bracket in front of the drive. It may also be caused by a contaminated intermediate bushing behind the drive near the planetary gear transmission.  Simple oiling of these bushing can flush out the grit and quiet down the starter. A more thorough solution, is to remove the aluminum drive end bracket ( 4 screws) and, and clean the bushing and re-oil.

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